Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Moth and other Tid-Bit info about Storytelling

         By now, you already know that technology is a fantastic way to connect and disconnect from others.  Look around you, it’s everywhere, every table, every meeting.  Every form of entertainment is at our fingertips and a false sense of social connection is just a click away.  While this is great time to be alive on this planet, easily connecting to those we just met, care about, or is far from where we come from and is without a doubt, keeping most us isolated.

“The Moth,” by Nancy Ray Taylor
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine if you will... sitting outside with those you choose, around a fire and under the stars...sharing what you know or telling a tall tale or two.  This was how news was told before Television and parents made up story’s to help children from straying to far from them. (Think about little red and the big bad wolf). Passing information down to the next generation before it became lost was a common family trend around the table or fire, and too often, a grandpa might add a twist of exaggeration or two as it was retold each time over the years.  Unfortunately, we are slowly losing the charm of storytelling and if it wasn’t for Podcasts, *The Moth and other story-telling events around this globe, we might lose it all together. I want to bring back a bit of this early form of entertainment...if only to appease my self and share a bit of mischief of what I have in mind. I aim to share a story with that has been brewing in me for quite some time along with some of my Art I have been producing for just as long.  My intentions are purely fun and hopefully, for you as well.

Grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, glass of mead or what you will and meet me under the stars, as I guide you into a world of playful antidotes, characters and odd fellows.  Let me show you what is behind that word, Fae, as we explore them in among the trees, streams and deep lakes, grass circles and dare I say it, all around you and me right now. 

Learn with me what is behind the vail that is hard to explain and the quick flutter you see from the corner of an eye.  Of new story’s of very old origins in which you have always known to be true, deep in your being, to share with those you love around a fire or a long car ride.

So until we shall met again...Keep your eyes open as you can only trust half what you see until you know for a fact and then...whatever you do...Keep it wild

*The Moth, Art and Craft of Storytelling 
 The Moth was founded in 1997 by poet and novelist George Dawes Green, who wanted to recreate the feeling of sultry summer evenings in his native Georgia, when moths were attracted to the light on the porch where he and his friends would gather to spin spellbinding tales. (According to Wikipedia)

More information about The Moth can be found here:

Fae is an abbreviated word from the source of Fairy or Faery, but also derived from metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural explanations (that which is not easily explained in Logic terms) such as Angels and Demons.  Source from many types of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore (and particularly Celtic, Slavic, German, English, and French folklore)
Myths and stories about fairies are a collection of folk beliefs from all cultures around the world to help explain the “unbelievable.” 

 And just so you know: These tidbits I am going to share with you are based on factual accounts, myths and legends. It has been my quest, to find those secret doors that lead to the mystical unknowns, and I am among a few lucky ones to have been picked to tell you their story. Let a comment if you dare to share your sightings, but please, don’t hurt the messenger. 

Nancy Ray Taylor

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The Moth and other Tid-Bit info about Storytelling

         By now, you already know that technology is a fantastic way to connect and disconnect from others.  Look around you, it’s everywher...